6 Commonly Missed Steps For Making Your App Successful

As an app owner it’s incredibly exciting to see your app come to life and be involved in the steps to do so. Despite partnering with the best Edmonton App Developer in the city, it’s important to have everything in order for your Edmonton App Development team to ensure a speedy and successful app. Here are a few steps you should remember when it comes to developing an app:

When you look at the success of bigger apps such as Uber, Snapchat, and Instagram, it’s easy to be inspired and see the appeal of having your own mobile app. In fact, 67% of businesses are planning to launch a mobile app by the end of 2017, but its definitely a bit of a step outside of a business’ comfort zone. In order to make your app a success, preparation is key, and here are a few ways to go about it as told by an Edmonton App Developer.

Discussion and Research

One of the most important steps you can take is to do a bit of internal planning. By spending time researching your app’s value, users, competition, and function, you make a plan of clear priorities for now and the future. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • A list of apps you admire
  • A clear sense of how the app will support existing business goals
  • A sketch of what you would like the app to look like

By establishing this ground work now, you will be able to guide your app in it’s simplicity, goals, designs, and functions as it continues to grow. Keep your app focused on its core goals and you will find that as your team continues to grow, so will your app.


Not a lot of people take the time to factor everything into their budget and its extremely import to allocate all of your capital properly. You need to make sure that you factor in design/wireframing, features, publishing, development, and marketing. You should also set a small amount aside for long term maintenance costs including design and security updates to keep to app store guidelines. These can be very difficult for a first time app owner to budget for, so consult with your Edmonton App Developer for assistance in what will need to be budgeted for, as well as expected costs. You may have to set aside certain features for now if your budget won’t allow for it, however doing this initial planning can greatly help you down the road.


There are a variety of monetization techniques for your app to consider. Your Edmonton App Development team will be able to help you develop the best plan for your app specifically but we almost always recommend releasing your app for free to the app store. This allows users to test drive your app without committing yet, and explore all of what an investment could offer whether it be a full version of an app, in app purchases, etc. It seems that as apps continue to evolve, advertisements are changing. Ad banners within the app are nearly extinct, and video pop ups seem to be more popular. This could be a sign ad monetization is becoming less popular, or are simply shifting focus as current avenues of ads are annoying and spammy to a user.

The Right Developer

Although we may be a bit biased as to who the best Edmonton App Developer is, we believe that picking the right developer is very important. Now that you have your budget, plan, and monetization strategy in place, it’s time to pick a developer who can deliver on all three. Talk to your potential developer, ask them questions, and research their portfolio and reviews to determine what types of projects they work on and if they will best align with your type of project. Remember, a good developer will have a successful variety of projects in many types of industries.


Too many people believe that simply having an app will be enough to make it extremely popular. This is simply not true. To make your app a success in app store’s filled with millions of apps, you need a solid marketing plan. This can either be done by yourself, your team, or with an external marketing party, however, the most important thing you need is time. Like most businesses, apps require sustained marketing to gain awareness. So make sure to take time and be involved with creating a solid marketing plan for your app with your allocated budget.


App stores are constantly changing their security guidelines, and design stipulations. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep a bit of your budget left over in order to support ongoing maintenance costs of your app. This will keep your app secure, fresh, and assist in its ASO (app store optimization) as app stores always favor apps that use best practices. Talk to your developer regarding maintenance costs, what they recommend, and why.


By planning ahead in terms of features and budget, and supporting your app in both maintenance, updates, and marketing, your app will get a jump start in success. The only way apps fail is when the creators of them give up, otherwise if you stick with it, you’re well on your way to success. If you’re interested in chatting with our development team, visit the Contact section of our website and we will be in touch to help turn your app idea into a reality! At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.