Are Snapchat Ads The Next Wave of Mobile Advertising?

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We are back with another post as we continue to ramp up the Edmonton branch of VOG App Developer. If you haven’t had the chance yet to see what we are all about, I highly recommend you browse the site, give us a shout, and see what makes us different from the rest of these “developers.” This week we are chatting about Snapchat and the new wave of advertising that might soon be as popular as sliced bread. Check it out:

If you haven’t heard of Snapchat you might not be too much into technology or have been living under a rock for many years. A Cole’s notes version would be that Snapchat is an application that allows users to send pictures and short videos to their friends and followers. The gimmick is that not only can you send it straight from your phone instantly, you can also add custom filters, lenses, and timers to control what your users see and how long users see it for. For example, I could add a custom filter that tracks my face and overlays a dog’s face over top of my own. This application is incredibly popular with millennials and Snapchat now boasts over 158 million daily active users. That’s a lot of users and a lot of eyes that could be seeing your app or business.

Because Snapchat is still relatively new to this whole “letting people advertise through their app” thing, there is no simply DIY system to advertise through their app. It requires a certain standard of quality and approval by Snapchat before being accepted. Here’s a few types of ads that Snapchat will allow you to use.

Mobile Video

I believe video is a powerful way to show and communicate your message. Snapchat agrees. Snapchat will allow partners to create 10 second long ads with the option for the viewer to swipe up and learn more about what it is you are advertising (app, business, product, etc). Adding this swipe up feature may change your cost per view but can be well worth it to really drive home what it is you are advertising. Snapchat video ads pop up in certain circumstances when using the “discover” page, as well as in between watching your friend’s personal snap stories.


If you’re a Snapchat user, you probably have seen or used a filter that displays your city with a fun little graphic somewhere on the screen. This can be either a community, city, town, store, etc. If you run a business, a potential option for you is to create your own custom Geofilter in your community. All you have to do is draw the outline of where you want to display your custom filter, and submit the filter for review (with a cost of course). The right graphic filter at the right time could be exactly what you need to give your business or app that extra push!

Sponsored “Lens” Filters

Whether it be a new movie, the unicorn frappucino, a big business, or large event. You’ve likely used a businesses’s custom face filter on Snapchat. This form of advertising is quite a bit more costly, but has huge numbers to back its cost. This method involves you creating a custom filter that users can map to their face that triggers a fun animation when they open their mouths, raise their eyebrows, etc. After your filter has been accepted by Snapchat and meets their quality specifications you choose and pay for a specified number of hours/days, and what location your filter will appear.


We never really answered the overarching question that drew you into this article in the first place, and there’s a reason for that. Although Snapchat may have the numbers and analytics to back their higher costs, it may be extremely situational for whether or not your business should pursue Snapchat marketing. If you are a startup, I would highly recommend against it just because you likely don’t have the existing users/budget for Snapchat yet. If you are a well known business/app with a solid user base and the capital to pursue it. Then Snapchat may be something to discuss at your next monthly marketing meeting. I would encourage you to do a bit of research on what Snapchat currently offers, some analytics from other popular advertisers, and to keep an eye on Snapchat itself to see whether or not they will introduce a small business marketing plan, or if larger businesses will always be their userbase.

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