Quick Tips For Finding The Right Developer – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what Edmonton App Developer you want to go with when there are so many options out there. You need to make sure you’re making a decision beyond who is simply the cheapest. Here are a few thoughts on what to think about when it comes to choosing the right developer.

Your app deserves an Edmonton App Developer who comes the closest to capturing your apps vision. Often times it’s important to clarify previous work, where your developers are located, and what the project will cost to make. Your app’s success will require a developer who can bring the most value to your project while staying within your budget. Here are a few more things to think about before choosing your Edmonton App Development team.

The Right Method for the App

Even if you aren’t very tech savvy, you should have an idea of what sort of technologies and languages are involved for your mobile app. Is your developer using template software? Or are they coding in a native language for iOS or Android? This will help you to understand what sort of quality to expect, what’s features you can request, and what sort of cost is associated with it. Your Edmonton App Developer should adapt to your schedule and changes when you make them and depending on the complexity of the app, should never be unable to fulfill any sort of request.

Consistent Updates

You should be hearing regular updates from your Edmonton App Development team. Even if the news isn’t what you want to hear you should always be in the know with how your app is doing. We update our clients at least once a week and always keep them in the loop on what stage, problems, and progress hat has been made. Communication is a huge key to having the right experience and transparency with any Edmonton App Developer.


Finally, the point you’ve all been waiting for. Cost is super important to every project. Just because a developer charges the most doesn’t mean they’re the best. Likewise for the cheapest developer isn’t always the worst. At Vog Edmonton App Developer, we have a fixed price for every app. This ensures that even if trouble arises, you won’t be paying any more for what was agreed on. Some developers will charge on a per hour basis and estimate a low amount of hours. This can be a bit dangerous in the event a complication arises, you could wind up paying far more than you were expecting. It’s incredibly important to find out how your Edmonton App Developer charges, what sort of fees are included in the proposal, and when payment is expected. If you are at all confused about any of this after meeting with your potential Edmonton App Development team, this may be a red flag.


Hopefully you found this helpful in choosing your developer. If you haven’t already, make sure you ask any and all questions you have. There is no such thing as a dumb question and you need to make sure you’re completely confident no matter who you choose. If you’re interested in chatting about developing your app with us, visit the Contact section of the website. Our team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality.