Social Media Monitoring Done Right: Part 2

Our first post on this topic had some initial ideas for creating the very best online presence for your brand, engaging new users and reaching out to existing customers to increase loyalty. Our Edmonton app development team wanted to add a few other options available to you and your business to increase your credibility and make some new connections that could help further your online reach even more.

Using open lines of communication throughout various social media channels can skyrocket your customer service ratings and draw positive attention to a brand worth being loyal to. Let’s take a look at a few more ideas on how to leverage the power of social media monitoring through communication and involving powerful influencers in your field.

Provide Immediate Solutions To Your Customers

One of the best ways to address consumer issues is to to find the key to solving their problems. With the vast reach of social media, you are armed with the most powerful tools to gain insights to ares that need to be updated or corrected. People are likely to speak out about negative (and positive!) experiences with their favourite companies on their social media profiles. What better way to resolve issues as they arise – and with proper social media monitoring techniques, you can set up keyword and hashtag alerts to notify you of any combination of statements your consumers may be making online. On the other side of things, why not outline a separate keyword search for positive reviews, or even consumer wish list searches, as one example. If you can reach out to offer a discount or bonus offer with purchases, for example, this can rally boost brand loyalty and entice your customers to share with their friends.

Partnering with Relevant Social Media Influencers

First things first, what exactly is an Influencer? These social media moguls are generally personalities who are considered experts in their fields, and are trusted by their typically large online following. There are many types of influencers you can reach out to, and some simple research can find the highest rated and qualified for your brand awareness strategies. The next step is actually reaching out, which can be daunting at times. Our app development team suggests you try to be forthright and honest in your request, look the or their business up on LinkedIn or Facebook and see what the best form of communication should be. Our best advice is to be direct and unique in your approach when asking to partner with an influencer. Offering a two-way beneficial relationship is always a great way to interest future partnerships. Find something that would be mutually beneficial to you and your selected influencer, perhaps take turns guest blogging or reviewing each others products for increased exposure for both of you.


In closing, we hope that these articles have helped generate some great ideas for your social media monitoring strategies going forward. When you invest in your online reach through these tactics, you are increasing your chances of finding new sales leads and gaining new exposure in communities you may not have appeared in thus far. Do you have a great app idea, or want to refresh your existing mobile app? If you’re interested in speaking further with our Edmonton App Development team, visit the Contact section of our website, we would love to discuss how we can turn your app idea into a reality. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.


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