The 5 Keys to Any Successful App

Anyone can make an app. It’s true. Anyone can either make an app themselves, or hire someone to do it for them, which means app software is never out of reach of anyone. However just because anyone CAN make an app, doesn’t mean everyone SHOULD make an app. There are so many apps on the app store that are simply garbage, and that’s because the makers of the app did not understand basic factors of success when designing and creating an app. Check out the humble opinion of an Edmonton App Developer below:

The number of apps on the app store should be enough to tell you that making an app isn’t excessively hard or out of reach from anyone. However, as mentioned before, an app shouldn’t be made without first taking the time to come up with a proper plan, functionality layout, UI design, etc. Here are 5 basic elements that just about every app should have:

A Unique Experience

We here at at the best Edmonton App Development agency have a solid belief that everything is about the experience. The same goes for apps. Consider this:

In order to design a mobile app that is going to be downloaded and accessed frequently by users, you need to offer an experience that isn’t available elsewhere.

Often times, people develop apps simply for the sake of developing an app, this way of thinking needs to stop. When making an app you need to have your users in mind at all times. Ask yourself “why would a user download an app for a similar experience that can be found online” such as your website. Be able to justify getting an app besides “everyone else is doing it” and your app will be off on the right foot!


This concept sounds incredibly simple, however, more people seem to screw up navigation than you might realize. The trick when designing solid UI (user interface) is keeping things to an absolute minimum while still maintaining functionality. The less your user needs to click around to access different parts/steps in the app, the better.


Nothing frustrates me or freaks me out more than a bad checkout experience. Whether it be through an app, a website, or even at a store. A poor checkout experience reflects poorly on the company/developer and makes it seem like their purchase and personal information doesn’t matter. Consider combining fields (first and last name for example) where appropriate, and have as much information auto-fill as you can (such as entering a postal code and populating the city from there. Keep your checkout form quick, easy to use, and as fast as possible. Nobody likes to stand in long lines at checkouts in the store, and nobody wants to fill out your checkout either.

A Personal Touch

As brands continue to push the boundaries of reaching their target audience in a personal way, so too should your app. What exactly does it mean to give your users their own personalized app experience? Well it could be as simple as adapting your interface to appeal to your target audience, a younger audience might appreciate bolder colors and edgier fonts. A more professional audience might appreciate a palette of grays and professional fonts such as Arial. If your app is relevant to Canada, adding a Canadian touch can go a long way in establishing that connection with your users. Spotify for example, also uses a system that allows users to create custom playlists based on their interests, moods, and genres. This touch of customization can not only let you connect with your intended user, but can help you in shaping what sort of functionalities, your app will serve.


All too often, developers are just trying to throw as many cool functionalities and graphics into their app as they can. Although it’s always a great idea to have a variety of function and design in your app, as an Edmonton App Developer team, we believe:

Unless those cool things also align with the needs and goals of your users, they are probably hurting more than helping

Cramming your app full of irrelevant functions will confuse and potentially deter users. Users are looking for intuitive, easy to use apps that fulfill their functionality in the easiest way possible to the users.


Hopefully this article helps to steer you in the right direction when planning out your app. As the best Edmonton App Developer, we will always take these things into account when designing, planning, and building your app. If building an app is something you’re interested in, please visit the Contact section of the site. Our team would love to chat with you about how we can turn your app dream into a reality!