Top App Building Mistakes Everybody Makes Part 1

Looking to build a mobile app for your business or as your business? It can be tough if this is your first venture into the app development frontier. Although mistakes do happen, here are a few of the top ones you can avoid in your app development process as told by an Edmonton App Developer:

When developing an app it’s important to solve a problem and not simply build an app for the sake of building an app. Although research on the latest features and best practices is important and valuable, you shouldn’t throw it in your app if it’s not going to add any value. Above all, you want your app to appeal to your target audience and be something that adds value to their lives. Here are a few mistakes first time app owners make when building their apps.

1. Too Many Features

The problem most people have with their apps is they try to stuff too many features into it. Ultimately, you want to be able to streamline a process for your users, not bog them down with more features than they need. This can be the problem with poorly developed “all in one” apps that promise to make your life easier by having many features, but function poorly as a result. Taking the time to identify the key use cases will go a long way in making sure you stick to your apps bottom line and make your users happy.

2. Target Audience

Who you make your app for makes a huge difference in how its designed and how it functions. Sure, you want to make an app that’s simple and easy to use for everybody, but keeping your apps main demographic audience in mind gives your app clear direction. Follow up with your target audience to give valuable insight on what sort of features your app needs and how the app can best appeal to them. Consult your Edmonton App Developer if you need any assistance with identifying your target audience.

3. Poor Testing

This is definitely more of a problem on the Edmonton App Developers side of business. A good Edmonton App Development team will make sure to be thorough in their testing. However, you should always make sure you take the initiative to test your app, make sure every functionality works, make sure the design is what was agreed on, and make sure ultimately, it’s an app you’re proud of. Poor testing on your developers part will result in a poorly made app that could have been salvaged if proper testing was done.

4. Numbers Aren’t Everything

A simple but important point. You need to make sure that despite having good download numbers on your app, that you are actually retaining those users. You could have a great idea, but if your app is poorly made, people will uninstall it immediately. Keep your users engaged and keep the app relevant to your target audience and you will not only keep your users, but continue to attract others.

5. A Poor App Plan

Before just building the app, you need to be able to answer a few questions about your app idea. Who is it for? What does it do? What is the target audience? What are the habits of your target audience? What would they use this app for? What’s going to keep them there? This necessary thinking is important to determine what the value is to your potential users and how your app will be designed for them.


The bottom line of this article is definitely to keep your end users in mind. You want users to not only come to your app, but to keep using it long term. If you’re interested in pursuing the first steps to your own mobile app, visit the Contact section of our website. Our Edmonton App Developer team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality.