UI vs UX: What’s The Difference?

I want to start this article off by thanking Edmonton for its support when it comes to receiving us as an app developer. Your kindness and support has been fantastic! and we couldn’t be more humbled by the response. Now… on to the topic at hand. When it comes to Edmonton App Development, it’s important you understand the differences between UI and UX, not sure what those mean? Check it out:

Good Edmonton App Development is so much more than just meeting deadlines and pushing apps to the store. It’s about solving a problem through an app with the user in mind. You cannot do that without walking in your users shoes and asking the same questions they will. This will help to better guide your app’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Check out the key differences between UX and UI that will better your understanding of the Edmonton App Developer process.


Let’s start with UI. UI (User Interface) is the beautiful colors, patterns, fonts and design that make your app look pretty. A good Edmonton App Development team knows that a good UI is efficient and easy to use. A general rule of thumb is if my grandma can’t figure it out, then it’s probably a bit too confusing (app dependent of course). The secret to a good UI design is keeping it both simple and intuitive. When brainstorming a good UI, ask yourself “what are we going to make.”


When crafting a solid user experience, instead of asking “what are we going to make” you need to ask “what are we trying to achieve?” Think of it this way… A good User Experience is the app in its entirety, how it functions, how it’s designed and what the user thinks and feels as they navigate through your app. A User Interface is only an element of what goes to making a solid User Experience. Think of UX as the whole picture, and UI as only a piece of it.

Understanding Your Users

There are phases to both UI and UX that need to happen before any actual coding begins. By understanding the target audience the app is made for, you can create solid graphic mock ups (UI) and detailed wire frames about how the users will move through your app (UX). By creating these “bones” of the project, you as a client are able to see and understand how your Edmonton App Developer will be creating your MVP (minimal viable product).


If all this UX and UI lingo that your Edmonton App Development team was throwing at you was confusing you at all, hopefully we were able to clear that up a bit for you. The important take away is that you cannot have one without the other. If your developer is treating them as the same thing, it’s important to be careful since you cannot have one without the other, but they are definitely not the same thing. If you are interested in chatting with us more about the development process with an app idea of your own, visit the Contact section of the website. Our team would love to chat with you about how we can turn your app idea into a reality!