How In-App Purchases Can Boost Your Business

Gone are the days of cash and cheques; a new payment trend is on the rise and will only continue to gain popularity as time goes on. Our Edmonton app development team has a few ideas to help you understand the future of in-app purchases and how the m-commerce is changing the way we do business. Read more

What Can Mobile AI Do For Your Business?

For decades, retailers have relied on a variation of the same system of guessing at their supply/demand strategy. This can create severe fluctuations in production and costs. Imagine implementing mobile artificial intelligence, or AI, technology into your business plan and creating a simplified system, one that analyzes and anticipates what your consumers are purchasing. Our team of Edmonton app developers have brainstormed a few ideas to help you understand the power of mobile AI. Read more

Internal Communication Apps – Why You Need One For Your Business

Mobile apps are everywhere, so why not introduce one into your business? With the ability to engage your employees, increase their channels of communication and allow for higher efficiency it seems like the right direction to choose. Our Edmonton App Development team has a few key factors to think about when designing an internal app.

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How To Make A Good Apple iOS App

If you have any experience in the app industry, you will know that apps released to Apple’s App Store can be a bit of a challenge to get through. Apple has incredibly high standards and strict regulations for any app trying to get pushed through. So how do you get your app approved by Apple? What does Apple look for in your app? Here are a few tips from our experienced Edmonton App Developer team on how you can have the advantage for your iOS application.

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The Best Kept Secrets of Mobile App Development – Part 2

Shortly after the launch of mobile phones the app industry exploded. Today it continues to evolve and grow as phones do. There was once only a few apps in the games and security categories and have now grown into millions of apps in every category imaginable. So how do you stand out among so many other apps? Here are a few basic secrets that everyone can benefit from as told by our Edmonton App Development team.

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The Best Kept Secrets of Mobile App Development – Part 1

Apps have become a 77 billion dollar industry, and people everywhere are bringing forward their ideas to get a piece of the pie. So how do you stand out among the crowd? How do you get your idea out into the world the right way? Here are a few basic tips to start your app off on the right foot as told by an Edmonton App Developer.

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The Secret Weapon of the Modern Classroom

How frustrating is it to be interrupted during a lecture by a ringing phone? Perhaps it’s even worse when you can see students texting during an important lesson you worked hard to prepare for. There are many situations you can find yourself in as a teacher that can make you a bit cold towards cell phones. Here are a few ways you can make student’s cell phones your secret weapon for teaching as told by an Edmonton App Developer:

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Get Your App Ready For The Christmas Season

December means its time to start planning for the holidays, making shopping lists, and hopefully… adding a few new twists to your mobile app. We as an Edmonton App Developer know that taking advantage of events and holidays can give your app a bit of a boost. Here are a few ways you can prep your mobile app for the holidays with your Edmonton App Development team:

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What Are Push Notifications and How Do You Use Them?

During your app development experience you may hear your Edmonton App Developer reference “Push Notifications” throughout the development phase. So what are push notifications and why should you care about them? Well it turns out a lot of app’s push notifications can actually be used in a variety of ways including higher downloads, more revenue, or mass awareness. Check it out:

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Why The Cheapest Developer Isn’t Always The Greatest

Having trouble deciding what developer to choose ? As a general rule the cheapest option isn’t always the best, but neither is the most expensive option. So how do you choose the best developer, and how do you know if your idea is even worth investing in? Check out a few thoughts from an Edmonton App Developer on the best practices for choosing the best developer for your app idea.

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