What Are Push Notifications and How Do You Use Them?

During your app development experience you may hear your Edmonton App Developer reference “Push Notifications” throughout the development phase. So what are push notifications and why should you care about them? Well it turns out a lot of app’s push notifications can actually be used in a variety of ways including higher downloads, more revenue, or mass awareness. Check it out:

When it comes to sending worthwhile push notifications, it’s truly an art form! A good notification is less spam, and something far more valuable to your users. Before sending a notification, you need to understand your apps users and the service your app provides them. A good Edmonton App Development team will be able to assist you in this further, but you should also understand the fundamentals of notifications to avoid spamming your users.

Keep It Real

Users can smell a phony notification a mile away. Overdone calls to action serve to simply annoy your users and if anything, distance you from them. Authenticity speaks volumes beyond the notification, it shows you get your users and you understand them. Here’s an example from iShare:

Our terms of service have been updated, it’s long a boring.. so here’s a list of the changes

The trick with this is to find your tone for your brand. Is it snarky? Professional? Fun? Once you can answer this, you can craft better notifications that speak best to your users.

User Value

Half of users find push notifications super annoying, and the other half only find them useful if they offer value in return. As the owner of the app, it can be incredibly challenging to not post every single new update about your app and company to your users. Try to focus instead on things they care about, do they care that your logo changed fonts? Not likely. Do they care there is a free giveaway or sale within your app? Definitely. Keep your notifications user centric so that they see value rather than annoyance with your app’s notifications. Here’s an example from Uber:

Prices dropping at 35th Ave NE, Request a ride ASAP to avoid price surging


Nothing eases a relationship quite like humor does. This is the same case for your mobile app. This shows you don’t take yourself TOO seriously and that you can have a bit of fun with your users. Here is an example from a mobile game, Simon Circles:

Bro seriously? You cheating?

We would like to apologize for our developer Chad who has been sending push notifications to players that beat his high score.

The Main Message

Attentions spans these days are waaaay too short. Which means you can’t be sending a paragraph of text with your push notifications. Push notifications are meant to be short blasts of information, condensed into one line of text. Here is a quick notification from Netflix that’s short, powerful, informative, and to the point:

House of Cards Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix


There are many points beyond this to consider when making effective push notifications. However, the bottom line is to keep your users first, keep the message short and sweet, and make sure your message adds value to your users rather than annoyance towards your app. If you’re interested in chatting more about push notifications or apps in general, visit the Contact section of our site. Our Edmonton App Development team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality. We build more than apps, we build businesses.