What Can Mobile AI Do For Your Business?

For decades, retailers have relied on a variation of the same system of guessing at their supply/demand strategy. This can create severe fluctuations in production and costs. Imagine implementing mobile artificial intelligence, or AI, technology into your business plan and creating a simplified system, one that analyzes and anticipates what your consumers are purchasing. Our team of Edmonton app developers have brainstormed a few ideas to help you understand the power of mobile AI.

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning – there are many variations of AI designs available, so let’s break it down into a few very important features that you can incorporate into your mobile app.

Streamline Business Production

Using AI in everyday tasks such as inventory counts, purchasing and shipping tasks, can refine your business strategies, save you time and money and help increase accuracy all at the same time. You can use AI to help analyze and understand how much product or materials you require, how much you should be able to produce and how long it should take (just for starters). It can give aspects into many other areas as well, such as marketing insights like what products are selling more than others, and can report any variations of high-demand products throughout different geographical locations.

Loyalty Programs and GPS Mapping

Speaking of using AI to target geographical data, this is another prime market to focus on. When you design your app to access consumer device data, this can open up a whole new realm of possibilities for both you and your customers. As mentioned above, you can draw real time purchasing information from anywhere and track sales of certain products, you can even go a step further and offer in-store or online discounts for their next purchase once they have left the store or, another marketing strategy – offer them a coupon when they are in the vicinity of one of your competitors.

Mobile AR Marketing Techniques

Integrating AR is also highly beneficial in the upcoming technologies that you can include for the very best customer experience. With examples like allowing clients to upload images of themselves and seeing what different hairstyles would look like prior to their visit to the salon, or images of the rooms in their home in order to see what new furniture or paint colours could look like. Not to mention using AR in gaming apps is an ever increasing market, and has proved to be extremely popular.

In closing, adding any one of these features of AI into your mobile app and mobile websites is highly beneficial to help you and your business by staying relative and even ahead of your competitors in your market. If you’re interested in discussing a new, or updated app for your business, with our mobile app development team, visit the Contact section of our website! We would love to discuss how we can turn your app idea into a reality. At Vog, we build more than apps, we build businesses.


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