Why The Cheapest Developer Isn’t Always The Greatest

Having trouble deciding what developer to choose ? As a general rule the cheapest option isn’t always the best, but neither is the most expensive option. So how do you choose the best developer, and how do you know if your idea is even worth investing in? Check out a few thoughts from an Edmonton App Developer on the best practices for choosing the best developer for your app idea.

What exactly is the price of an app? Well, the industry is fairly unforgiving when it comes to setting a standard for app development. Apps can range anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000, so who exactly do you go with? Obviously your budget may not allow for a $500,000 app (right now anyway) but why wouldn’t you side with the $5,000 developer? These are all great questions you need to ask yourself and evaluate exactly what your budget is, what your features are, and what your monetization strategy will be, but we will get into that later. Without a good quality app that looks and functions as it should, you’re simply throwing your money away.

The Cheaper The Developer, The Lower The Quality

The difference between a $5,000 app and a $500,000 app could be the difference between your app generating $10 a month vs generating $100,000 a month. In other words, it stands to reason that the cheaper the app developer, the poorer the quality. Sure, you might have a friend of a friend who’s great at apps and can cut you a deal, but would you pay a senior engineer $10 an hour for a job they could easily ask for $100 an hour? You might, but likely the engineer is charging $10 an hour for a reason, which may be a cause for concern. Before jumping the gun and siding with the cheapest option, you need to make sure you take a good look at their portfolio. Avoid recommendations from others simply because “they have a friend in app development.” This goes the same for developers who are way above your budget. What makes them cost that much? Is their quality justified compared to the $5000 developer? Above all, you want to make sure your developer is someone that understands your app, and can give you an honest justified cost that reflects their quality of work and timeline.


So now you’re probably wondering how much you should spend on your idea? Well, the first step to that is to validate your idea. This can be achieved with a few methods, the most popular being a survey of those close to you. By asking your friends and family about the idea, you help to validate its value, and see if its something they would potentially use? You can also create kickstarter campaigns, a website landing page with opt-in sign up sheets, or run surveys. This will help you to understand what sort of traction your app will have with potential users and to plan and budget accordingly depending on the feedback you get in return. These reviews, surveys, and sign up numbers will only serve to convince others to invest in your app idea and give you the confidence to budget accordingly for it.

The Right Partner

So now that you’ve locked down your budget, how do you properly choose the right partner for your app? Well besides cost, there are a few ways you can help pick an ideal Edmonton App Development team. One way is the quality of conversation you have with your developer when discussing your project. How well do they understand it? Do they understand your goals and vision for the app? What sort of questions are they asking about your project? What value have they added to your project idea already? Look for the right conversation, the right projects, and the right portfolio in your developer besides what they advertise up front. This will be a huge part of your Edmonton App Development team vetting process and will hopefully help you choose the best developer for your project!


The best way to guide your thinking is to think of your app as a store. Do you want your customers to walk into the cheapest store you could find? Or do you want them to walk into a high quality, beautiful store that will last and grow for years to come? Consider the future of your app and prepare for its success, even if you can’t invest in everything you want now, by making a good quality MVP (minimum viable product) you pave the way for future growth. If you’re looking to chat further about your app idea, visit the Contact section of our website. Our Edmonton App Developer team would love to chat about how we can turn your idea into a reality! We build more than apps, we build businesses.